On book blogging expectations vs. reality

When I started blogging, I expected so many things to happen. Some did. Some others didn’t. I thought of the way blogging was supposed to be, when I was just a young blogger having created this little corner of the internet a couple days ago and trying to figure out just how I was supposed to do this thing. And now here I am, two years later, wondering just what the f*** happened to these expectations. Blogging is, in our minds, a lot of different things. It takes loads of different shapes, but one thing is for sure: now that I’ve seen and experimented blogging from the inside, I can say with certainty, oh, boy, was I wrong about blogging.

What changed? Maybe we should make a list.

I thought book blogging would be easy.

Ha.Ha.Ha. Book blogging is everything but easy. There are so many different…

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5 Bookworm Problems

Have you ever stopped reading and wondered, when did I ever start loving these books? You cared for books like they’re your babies. You can’t put them down. You cry. You smile. You laugh. Have you ever thought a life without Kiera Cass? Without J.K. Rowling? Without Sarah J. Maas? Without Rick Riordan? Without Victoria […]