The contents of this blog may spoil (a little) the book you haven’t read yet! 

This site is filled with book reviews and everything I would want to share everyone about different books with different genres. We may not have the same ratings of the said book, but I am in no doubt that we can be great book buddies.

Though there are times that books are not how you expected it to be, you still love them. Why? Because they are books and they are suppose to be loved.

As a certified bookworm, I will gladly share you the books that I have read  and the books that I would want you to read. I made this blog because I can’t contain my emotions anymore. I don’t have anyone to share it with (except for the few fellow bookworm), so I decided to start a blog . This blog is like a portfolio of my feelings toward a book.

I hope we can share each other our love for books. Follow my blog! I am open for conversations.

More about the book spy:

  • Birthday: December 26, 2001
  • My nickname is Ayen and my real name is Julienne
  • I am tall for a 16-year-old Asian
  • My love fore books started when I was 9
  • I started reading novels when I was 11
  • My mom loves books when she was young
  • I write books but didn’t get the chance to finish them
  • I am an optimist
  • I am from the Philippines

Contact me by clicking here.

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Instagram: @ayenlovestoread

Twitter: @the_book_spy

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