My Fictional Bucket List

All readers have things that they want to do if they are fictional characters. It could be reading a book to Levi or be one of the girls in the Selection.

I have made a long, fictional bucket list! I might update this every once in a while so you better be ready for some constant revision.

fictional bucket list

1. Go to Camp Half-Blood

2. Get sorted by the sorting hat

3. Read a book to Levi

4. Be a siren for a day (not a hundred years)

5. Play fetch with Mrs. O’Leary

6. Read a book with Hermione

7. Challenge Loki to a flyting

8. Discover an Egyptian god’s/goddess’s secret name with Carter Kane

9.  Write love letters to the dead

10. Solve a case with Sherlock Holmes

11. Ride on Festus’s back with Leo

12. Enter the Glade

13. Enter a loop with Jacob

14. Write a fan-fiction with Cath

15. Play Capture the Flag

16. Be a seeker at the Quidditch game

17. Jump on buildings and trains with the Dauntless

18. Be an einheirji

19. Poetry battle with Apollo

20. Play and instrument with America Singer

21. Be as badass as Margo for one day

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So here’s what I have in my least so far. Don’t underestimate my list! I’ll have other ideas someday after I read more books from my TBR shelf.



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