Brainwalker ㅡ by Robyn Mundell & Stephan Lacast


Released Date: September 21, 2016

Author: Robyn Mundel and Stephan Lacast

Rating: 3 Stars

3 stars (real)

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    One teen’s incredible journey may just blow his father’s mind…

Fourteen-year-old Bernard thinks outside the box. The only problem is that neither his school nor his ultra-rational physicist father appreciate his unique ideas. When he reacts to a stressful situation at school by mooning the class, his suspension sends him straight to his father’s workplace. After his frustrated father leaves him unattended, Bernard does what any teen would do: wander into the particle accelerator and accidentally get transported through a wormhole!

It doesn’t take long for Bernard to realize he’s in deep trouble. Not only did the wormhole drop him in the middle of a civil war over a depleted resource, but the battle is actually taking place inside his father’s brain. Bernard has one chance to save the dying side of his father’s creative brain from the tyrannical left side. Can he use his outside-the-box thinking to save his father’s life?

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He started thinking about his science project that recently got rejected by his nightmare science teacher. But a new idea came up into his mind. It was about the wormholes.

The idea of giving the ugly dog,Milo, to protect Bernard and his dad made me chuckle. I mean, she gave the dog and the other day, the mother died. What’s cool is that she is a kitchen scientist (that doesn’t exist. I made that title up). She used the kitchen like her lab and her cooking like she was doing an experiment. But she died. Sad. Bernard and his dad fought about how his mother disrespect science. (what? How?)

I kept reading and the story continued. They were talking about brains in his classroom. About neurons and synapses that I can’t understand. Since I am a science lover, I can’t put the book down (or phone).

Brainiverse, lemme tell you the meaning of this word.

Brainiverse [\’brā-nə-,vərs\]

A place where Holon lives. It is a universe inside the human brain.

Holon [\’ho-lən\]

People living in Brainiverse. They live inside the neurons of the brain.

Neuron [\’nyü-rän\]

A city.

I made the definition up. But it means something like that. Guess what? I have my own research project to finish. If his was The Message of Mushrooms and Wormholes, mine is Melting Plastic Bottles to make bricks. You see the difference? HIS WAS A FREAKIN’ REAL PROJECT (You can laugh at my face now). But hey, maybe I can use his projects and I’ll be the top of my class! Just kidding. My teacher’s a nightmare too.

This book is so precious ohmygosh. Basilides, Bernard’s Holon friend, took him to Intuit where there walking, breathing, holding-hands buildings. In Earth, we call it the buildings while in Brainiverse they’re the Live-rises.

Live-rises [\’līv-‘rīs-es, ‘rīz-\]

Living buildings from Brainiverse. They are steam-breathing buildings that move.

Pretty cool huh? Well lemme tell you a funny part. Basilides and Bernard exited the subㅡtheir living transportation. Bernard stepped on a mushy earth (or land or brain part or something).


I thought he’s grossed-out but he’s not. He thought about Armstrong leaving his footprint on the moon. For a human that first stepped on a human brain, of course he’ll freak out. He made a flag and placed it on his father’s brain (Haha!). This is awesome. You should read it, really.

Anyway, this book is a science fiction that consists mainly about brains. Are you a fan of science? Brains? Wormholes? Projects? This book shares the life of Bernard and his adventure in his father’s brain. Try to read it and you’ll enter the world Brainiverse.5712bc466b089a168a676cfec1eeb616-simple-arrow-decorative-divider-by-vexels (1)

vrn v9249 494jtLet me know your ideas, opinions and recommendations on the comment section.


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