What Kind of A Book Reader Am I?

I am very addicted with books and I have noticed a bit about the differences of the book readers. (OH! MAYBE I SHOULD MAKE AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE KINDS OF BOOK READERS)

Some loves it when you read the same book at once. Some loves reading while it’s raining. Some hates reading slump *actually, majority of the readers do hate this*. Some hates watching its movie before the book.

Me? Omg I will tell you what I am.let's start

  1. Reading whenever it’s cold. I hate reading in hot times. I get headache whenever I do. Some of you might say:

Hey! You live in a tropical country. Isn’t hot weather your thing?

No. I hate hot weather. It’s really…hot. Gosh I’m not good at this.

2. Rain makes me want to read more. Oh yeah! I know you like this too. Picture this: you are sitting in a comfy couch, the rain is pouring, it is cold so you have your jacket on, you’re reading a good book while you think coffee beside a freakin’ fireplace. Dude! WE HAVE TO MAKE RAIN DAY A HOLIDAY!

3. I hate it when people I know reads the same book I am currently reading. You know this. Some of you hates this too (I bet). They saw you reading and they’ll start spoiling you until you reach to the point that made you not want to read it anymore.

4. I watch the movie (if there is any) in the middle of the book. I like it actually. I read and then when I reach the middle, I want to watch the movie. My intention is not to spoil myself, but to brag how wrong the movie is. Have you watched Miss Peregrine’s yet? I watched it when I’m reading the middle part. It felt so good to say:

Oh no! There’s no such thing!

There shout be a….in there!

Are you kidding me? Emma doesn’t float!

That’s it! That’s all. Is this weird? I’ll just update this someday. See you!



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