Praise to Veronica Roth’s Works

Books by Veronica Roth:





Praise to Veronica Roth

I’m thrilled to tell you how cool Veronica Roth is. Her books made my world changed (like how Rick Riordan’s did). It was an isolated place and there was Tris.

Tris taught me to be brave and self-less. Even though she was an Abnegation, she taught me to choose my own path and be happy.

It was my first time reading a book that involved child abuse (Marcus to Tobias). What did it cause? Tobias was forced to move out of his faction and be one with the Dauntless.

There are five factions in the city; Dauntless, Abnegation, Erudite, Candor and Amity. What do you think your faction is? I’m more of an Erudite than a Dauntless. I love books and aggressiveness is not my thing.

For Veronica Roth, she made these five factions how they are supposed to be. Dauntless being brave, Abnegation being self-less, Erudite being smart, Candor being honest, and Amity being a peacemaker. She made the story clear and understandable even though I had to use dictionary to understand deep words.

Factions before Blood

That’s like their motto. Veronica Roth made her story realistic even though some are impossible. If you read her book, you sill experience a new world like travelling to a different dimension and feeling the tension in each chapters.

She is an awesome woman. And I can’t wait to read more books from her. signature


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