Praise to Rainbow Rowell’s Works

Books by Rainbow Rowell:


Eleanor & Park

Praise to Rainbow Rowell

The book cover caught my eye and at the back of my mind, I knew that these books are love stories. Since I hate romance, I thought I’d gate it but I bought it anyway.

When I finished Rick Riordan’s works, I decided to read individual books. After finishing books by Amy Zhang, Ave Dellaira, Stephen Chbosky, and Michelle Falkoff; I decided to read Rainbow Rowell’s book.

At first I am not familiar with the names and the setting. As I read deeper down the books, words were swarming with my brain eating them all up and turning them into images. There were bits of humor and even some slight intimate scenes. Though I can still recommend her books to an open-minded thirteen-year-old human being.

They were good actually. Rainbow Rowell did a great job in Eleanor & Park. The Fangirl, in my opinion, not as great as E&P. Its story was a bit slow (or am I just a slow-reader?) and the events are not as cool as E&P. Some parts of the Fangirl are the best though. Eleanor & Park left me feeling like Hazel Lancaster. I wanted to ask Rainbow Rowell so bad what happened after Park and Eleanor got separated. Ugh. Too much feels I cannot handle *cries in the corner*.

Overall, she’s not bad but she’s not that good either. Rainbow Rowell is in between good and bad. You can always comment if you protest. Also, I would love to read some books recommended by you guys! If you have a favorite book to recommend, drop them in the comments and I will try my best to buy them and start reading.

School Vacation is almost here! (April and May).



2 thoughts on “Praise to Rainbow Rowell’s Works

  1. I just read a review stating that Fangirl was not as good as Eleanor & Park, and seeing that you believe it to be so too, I suppose I’ll go pick up Fangirl first to avoid a preconceived notion while reading it.. am going to read both of them eventually, though 🙂

    Good review! 😀


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