5 Bookworm Problems

Have you ever stopped reading and wondered, when did I ever start loving these books? You cared for books like they’re your babies. You can’t put them down. You cry. You smile. You laugh. Have you ever thought a life without Kiera Cass? Without J.K. Rowling? Without Sarah J. Maas? Without Rick Riordan? Without Victoria Aveyard? Well if you really can’t handle how much one book weighs, then here are the problems that we book lovers have.

let's start

1) We get emotional sometimes ㅡ no, I meant to say always. There’s this scene when she was confessed by her long time crush and you were like crying your eyeball out. Also, finishing a book so good that you started crying. You even cry when a character died. You laugh at a corny joke. You laugh at the slightest movement. You laugh at a dog barking. You giggle when there’s a chance your character can kill his/her nemesis.

It’s hard to not express your emotion when you read (even in public). I actually read in public sometimes even though I love to be in my room. Sometimes I have no choice but to go to my grandmother’s house even though I want to stay in my comfy bed, reading. So I bring my book and read while my uncles, aunts, and cousins are everywhere. As I read, I came across a funny scene and I can’t stop laughing. I receive glares like they are disgusted of me being their family member or they just hate me because I look stupid when I laugh.

2) I know that you feel this too. You grabbed a great book and you began reading it at somewhere 7 a.m. Then you can’t put it down because YOU ARE FREAKING ATTACHED TO IT! You checked the time and its 2:30 a.m. And you were like:

“Just one more chapter then I’ll sleep.”


“That’s the end of book one? Meh, just one more book.”

You ended up finishing a series of books for staying up all night reading. Then you realize you still have work to do and that you haven’t eaten yet. WE STILL RULE BOOK WORMS!

3) Some of the people around you try to touch your book and you check if there’s its wet or dirty first before you let them touch it. You wouldn’t even let untrusty people borrow your precious babies that they might end up being ripped or folded.

There is this guy from my school that I hate. Whenever I read my books, he would walk in front of me and constantly rub his palm on it who won’t stop until I kick him. Am I too paranoid? No. If you thought you are, no. You’re not paranoid (just a bit).

4) You know the struggle. There are times when you receive enough money to buy an entire series, but can also buy a phone or something. You ended up buying a book series instead of using the money for foods and stuffs. They say,

“That book is not important! You’re wasting your money!”

And you just sit there thinking What the hell is he/she talking about? Can’t he/she see how important this is to me? GOSH!

Which leads to a fight between you and your mom or dad or sister or brother or cousin or your dog or cat or mouse or an ant.

5) When you go to mall, you always search for the BOOKSTORE. No, you’re not crazy! Every book-worm feels this. Agree? Or not? I hope you do. Because I think I am about to get banished from my local bookstore. I’ve been visiting there almost everyday to scan the books for hours and end up leaving without anything in hand. Don’t blame me! I love books so much but I don’t have enough money to buy even one book.
So, do you experience this problems or not? Tell me! I would love to know!